Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mace & Pepper Spray

Mace, Pepper Spray and Bear Pepper Spray for the best self-defense and the best home defense.  Is pepper spray legal, yes, but check the pepper spray laws.  This is the best self-defense and best home defense weapon.  We also have: MACE® TRIPLE ACTION   that combines OC Pepper with CN tear gas along with a UV marking dye. Also look at our MACE® PEPPER GEL or MACE® 10% PEPPER FOAM.

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MACE® 10% Pepperguard  MACE® Spray  Wildfire™18% Pepper Spray  Pepper Shot™ Pepper Spray   G  Guard Alaska 
Pepper Mace  Wildfire Pepper Spray Pepper Shot Pepper Spray   
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