Sunday, June 23, 2013

Women’s Assault Prevention

We are going to cover many self-defense tips and procedures to protect you from sexual assault and attack. Some tips are the same for men as women.

Yes men can be attacked and raped, and the attacker can be male or female. It is not always the opposite gender that attacks someone. Men can rape men and women can sexually attack women. Robbery can be the main goal of an attack and lead to sexual assault or robbery can be an afterthought.

The early morning, from 1 AM to 9 AM is the most common time for an attack. There are fewer people around to help you. If you keep this in mind you can be on guard for an attack. Do not think this is the only time that you may be assaulted though as it can happen any time of day or night. Whether you are leaving a club or jogging in the morning you need to keep remember that the early morning is the most opportune time for a criminal. Be vigilant and carry a defense spray or stun gun for protection.

Outside of a grocery store in the parking lot is the most common place for a woman to be attacked. You are thinking about getting your groceries loaded in the car, your car is unlocked and your hands are full of groceries. The second most common place for young ladies is outside of a club or bar. If you have had a drink or two your senses are dulled as well as your reactions. Other customers may have been watching you and built their courage with a couple of drinks themselves. Leaving a grocery store or night club, look around, be alert and try to park as near to lighting and people as possible. If you suspect something is amiss, go back inside and seek assistance from the store owner or bar owner. Call the police if necessary. Carry a stun gun, pepper spray or kubotan for self-defense. Also at night you should have a good bright flashlight in your purse.

The third most common place to be attacked for young ladies is the college campus. Students are in school all day and study at night. Many times a young woman has to walk late at night from the library or study hall to her dorm. Try to form groups and travel together. Be alert and suspicious of anyone you don’t know. Carry some sort of self-defense or a loud whistle or alarm. Most campuses are patrolled by police and will hear a loud noise or screaming. Even if using a defense spray or stun gun, yell loudly to attract attention.

Women have the right to dress as they please. An attractive dress or outfit is not a reason for a rapist to attack. A rapist attacks a woman to give them the power of control. A rapist will attack a young or old woman whether she is thin or heavy, no matter what she is wearing. No rape is an intimate affair to appreciate your beauty or outfit. Here are some facts though. A woman with a pony tail or braids is attacked more often than a woman with short hair as the longer hair in a pig-tail or a braid can be easily grabbed and used to control the subject. Attackers look for loose clothing that can be grabbed and easily removed.

It is a proven fact that most attackers do not want confrontation. Any attempt by you to fight back, use a defense spray or stun gun will usually send the attacker on their way. Yell, scream, fight or use your self-defense weapon. Remember if you disable someone with a defense spray or stun gun, run away and get help, preferably the police. Do not wait for your attacker to revive, as the effects of the spray or stun gun may not be as effective the second time.

As a woman, carry yourself with confidence and move quickly in a brisk walk. Hold your head up and be constantly alert for anything out of the ordinary. If a passer-by greets you and you do not know them, return the greeting and keep walking. When you are alone, especially at night, this is not the place to engage in conversation with a stranger. If asked a question or directions, keep walking and reply with a brisk “I don’t know, sorry.” A rapist would like nothing better than to stop you and take you off your guard with a question, and before you know it he has dragged you into an alley or behind a bush. Remember rape is only one thing that you might incur, as an attacker may beat or stab you if given the opportunity.

When confrontation cannot be avoided, keep as much distance as you can. Look your attacker in the eye and show him your self-defense weapon and use it! Let him know you will be able to recognize him and you are going to spray or shock him. Yell at him to attract other people and put him off-guard. If you don’t have a self-defense weapon, you can shove your shopping cart at him, use a sturdy flashlight or umbrella to ward him off and run away. Most criminals do not expect resistance and will not pursue you. Only 2% of attackers have a weapon.

When you buy a self-defense product, read all material that comes with it and know how to use it effectively. Go to your local police department, YWCA or gym and see if they conduct self-defense classes. Remember without professional training or a self-defense weapon, you can still kick your attacker in the shins or groin and run. Never hang around to see how effective your defense technique was, as the goal is to escape to safety.

When arriving in a car park as close to the door and lighting as possible. I know the exercise of walking is good, but we are talking safety now. Lock your car, the cost of a keyless entry is well worth it when you buy a car. Approaching your car look around, under and inside of it. At night you should have a flashlight. Many stun guns have a flashlight feature and Maglite C & D cell flashlights can be used as a self-defense baton. Get in your car and lock all doors immediately. Driving away do not stop for a stranger, and if they block your way, go another direction.

Always carry a cell phone and if attacked or you see an attack, call the police immediately, even before you offer any assistance.

Remember you have the right to be and feel safe, but it requires some effort on your part.

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  1. Nowadays women’s are facing lot of problems, there is no freedom to women .To overcome these problems women safety classes are conducted for peoples to create awareness . The training also focused on sharpening women’s ability to predict risks in a safe and practical manner .It builds women empowered and confident when they are alone.