Monday, July 1, 2013

Tips for Women’s Self-Defense

Today’s world and the current economy can make it a dangerous place, especially for women, as they seemed to be targeted most often for sexual assault and theft. Women should be just as capable as men with the proper self-defense techniques.

Be Aware: Self-defense doesn’t start with weapons and classes on physical attack. Self-defense starts with awareness of your surroundings. Criminals look for someone who is not aware of what is going on around them or busy with a task such as loading packages in the car.

Six Sense: If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it! If a person doesn’t seem right, avoid them. Use your intuition, that little voice in your ear that tells you to stop or go another direction. There is always tomorrow or another time when you can bring someone with you.

Self-defense training: I don’t mean martial arts and earning a black belt. Contact your local YWCA, Gym or Police Department. They will probably have classes available for basic self-defense moves.

Fight: No, don’t get into a fist fight, but if someone grabs you or attacks you, attack back immediately. Surprise them and strike back, aiming for the eyes and the groin. Even a sharp kick in the shins or smashing a foot or toe can give you time for escape. An elbow to the back, stomach or face is disabling.

Escape: Run away to seek distance, and then the safety of a group of people, inside a business or in your own car with the doors locked. Then call the Police (911) immediately, even if the attacker runs away.

Stun Guns and Pepper Spray: You should carry a Stun Gun or Pepper spray in your purse, car or on your person. These items are effective and non-lethal. Spraying Pepper Spray in the face or eyes of your attacker will give you time to run away. Using a Stun Gun will drop your attacker to the ground and disable him for 10 to 15 seconds. The higher the voltage the more clothing the stun Gun will penetrate and the longer he or she will be disabled. Some people will be tolerate or not fully incapacitated by Pepper Spray or a Stun Gun, but it will give you an advantage to run and get away. Don’t linger to see how effective your self-defense weapon is.

Men, Women & Children: Yes your attacker can be a man, woman or teenager. People in dire need will do almost anything to get what you have. If they are approaching you and have no business there avoid them, jump in your car and lock all doors or run.

Car-jacking: Most people are car-jacked at an intersection by being approached in their “blind spot”. While you are driving keep your windows rolled-up and doors locked. When parking make sure you leave your car locked, and keyless entry is well worth the expense when you buy a car. Approaching your parked car look around, under and inside before unlocking and getting in your car. Then immediately lock all doors. If somebody runs up to the car don’t unlock the doors until you can positively identify them or call the police.

Rape: Rape is a crime of control not sex. You have the right to wear any clothing you desire. Be aware that Pony tails and braids give an attacker a way to hold you and get you off-balance. Loose fitting clothing also gives an attacker something to grab and remove quickly. Beauty is a good attribute, but carry yourself with purpose with your head held high. Look people in the eye so they know you will recognize them and walk swiftly and be confident. A rapist looks for a weak person to dominate. Also you can carry an Electronic Keychain Whistle.

Travel: When staying in a hotel, keep your door locked. Do not open your door unless you absolutely know who is on the other side. Call the front desk for assistance, if someone tries to force their way in. Carry a door wedge or door brace in your luggage to prevent someone using a stolen door entry card.

Home: If someone approaches your door you don’t know, don’t open the door until they are positively identified and have a reason for being there. If someone breaks in you should have one room to run to that has a lock (dead-bolt) on the inside and a door brace to secure the door. Also the room should have a cell phone, flashlight, and pepper spray or Mace. This could well be your bedroom or if you have children, the children’s room that you would go to seek safety.

Personal safety and the safety of your family is your job. You must prepare yourself and obtain the necessary tools to keep you and your family safe. Don’t take any chances with your safety, it may be the last thing you do.

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