Monday, July 8, 2013

Your Daughter Should Have a College Survival Kit

Of every four women that go to college, one will be sexually attacked. Isolated from their safe home environment, young women can be victims of assault, theft and rape. Late night study hours can make them more vulnerable to attack as they move from study hall to the library or a restaurant.  

Many college students have an automobile when they go to college, but with late night studying and heavy class schedules they may be over-tired when trying to drive home for the weekend or a holiday. If they take another student with them, they may be as run-down and tired as your daughter. In this case I would recommend a nap alarm the goes over the ear and sets off an alarm if the head starts to nod.

Pepper spray is a non-lethal and effective self-defense weapon that a young lady will not hesitate to use if necessary. The pepper spray will immediately disable the attacked without physical contact and can be effective up to 15 feet. Just one container of pepper spray is not enough. She should have a disguised form such as lipstick pepper spray for going on social engagements, as well as one attached to her car keys, inside her room and clipped on the visor of her car. All of these have a different purpose for a different situation.

Dorms rooms or sorority rooms have had numerous occupants over the years, so a lock on a door is probably useless. Your daughter shouldn’t leave cash or valuable in her room when she is away, but what about when she is sleeping or going to the bathroom? Someone could sneak in and steal her jewelry, credit cards or cash. To remedy this she should have a diversion safe or book safe that she can put valuables in and mix with her text books.

If someone aggressive approaches your daughter in her room or on the campus an electronic whistle will sound the alarm and probably send the attacker running. Her backup of pepper spray will be available if the whistle doesn’t deter the attacker.

While sleeping your daughter may be vulnerable to a rapist or thief. By using a door stop alarm, not only will the door be more secure from opening, but it will let off an alarm if someone tries to open it. A motion alert alarm will guard the windows from an intruder. When setup and armed it will set off an alarm if someone tries to enter through the window.

Many on-line retailers have kits available that contain all these devices in one affordable package. However no matter what the cost, how much is your daughter’s safety worth?

In addition to self-defense products nothing beats traveling around the campus in pairs or groups. When your daughter walks the campus she should do so with her head held high and walk briskly. If someone starts to approach that she doesn’t know, she should ignore them and keep walking to a safe place. Pony tails or braids give an attacker something to grab and throw her off-balance. Loose clothing gives the attacker something to grab and is easily removed. You daughter should pick routes of travel that are well lighted and well-traveled by other students and she should always carry her cell phone to call for help or take a picture of someone suspicious. Approaching her car she should look around the area and under and inside of the car before unlocking and entering the car. Her key chain pepper spray is for use while the keys are in her hand, and the visor pepper spray is for use when the keys are in the ignition. When you help her buy a car, make sure it has a remote keyless entry if possible.

One last thought; if your daughter is attending summer classes, the campus has far less students than during the normal school year. There will probably be less campus police and employees available, and less occupants of the dorms and sororities. This requires even more vigilance than during the normal school year.

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