Saturday, August 17, 2013

ML 125 LED Rechargeable System

ML 125 LED Rechargeable System, Black

ML125 logobrightness label

Introducing the MAGLITE® ML125™ LED Rechargeable Flashlight System

ML 125 LED Rechargeable Flashlight 
Designed for optimum light output, the new MAGLITE® ML125™ LED flashlight delivers performance oriented features in a sleeker compact design. This advanced lighting instrument is driven by next-generation MAG-LED® Technology. Now with more features...amazingly bright and engineered for long battery life. Runs on either an environmentally friendly NiMH Rechargeable Battery Pack OR (3) C-Cell Alkaline Batteries.
The MAG-LITE® ML125™ flashlight combines long-famous MAG-LITE® beauty, reliability and beam-adjustability with powerful new electronics, providing stunning brightness, long battery life and an array of USER CONFIGURABLE FUNCTION SETS. Use the flashlight just as it comes out of the package (see Function Set #1 - Standard) or PERSONALIZE IT TO SUIT YOUR OWN HABITS OF USE by choosing one of the other Function Sets in the chart shown below.
• Full Power
• Power Save (25%)
• Strobe (12/sec)
• SOS (Int’l Morse Code)
• Momentary On/Off
System includes: Maglite® ML125™ LED flashlight, NiMH Battery Pack, Portable Battery Charger, and AC Converter.
 Length: 11.104" (282.042 mm)
 Barrel Diameter: 1.199" (30.455 mm)
 Head Diameter: 1.977" (50.216 mm)
 Weight with batteries: 18.4 oz. (521.631 g)

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